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2014/10/07 [Symposium on "Five Years of Exceed" - Presentations]

2014/10/04 Closing Symposium on “5 Years of Exceed”

2014/10/01 Proceedings of the Symposium on “Five Years Of Exceed”

2014/09/24 Interview with Prof. Dr. Müfit Bahadir

2014/08/13 Protected: Summer School Braunschweig – Energetic and Material Utilization of Biomass – Biogas Production and Nutrient Recovery

2014/07/10 [To be approved: Application for Exceed exchange, south-south, MSc-student Haoran Long]

2014/06/30 [Feedback]

2014/06/06 [Registration for: Regional Meetings in August]

2014/06/04 [Registration: Regional Meetings]

2014/05/21 [Candidates for the Guest Chair Team 2014]

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