Expert Workshop on Transboundary River Basins in Africa, December 9 – 11, 2013 / Braunschweig

Expert Workshop on Transboundary River Basins in Africa – Using the Example of the Volta River Basin
also included
Contribution to the Implementation of a Sustainable IWRM Agenda for the Volta River Basin: Prospects and Challenges

Transboundary water resources management poses an increasingly great challenge for practitioners as well as for policy makers at regional, national and local levels. One example is the Volta River Basin which is spread over six West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Mali and Togo). For many years, it remained one of the few large transboundary river basins in Africa without formal, legal and institutional arrangements among the riparian countries for managing its resources. The Volta Basin Authority (VBA) was established in 2007, by the Heads of State of the riparian countries, to institute measures for the Integrated Water Resource Management of the basin with respect to the establishment of the necessary governance for dialogue, sharing of information, management of the resource through knowledge building, data compilation, improvement in expertise and understanding and also for the development of the basin through providing the necessary infrastructure for sustainable development of the population of the Volta basin. This management demands a more thorough understanding of the hydrogeochemical processes, better prediction models and monitoring technology as well as more efficient collaboration among experts, managers and other stakeholders in order to close the gap between science and policy making. This therefore provides an opportunity for academics to draw on their wide expertise to provide input to the work programmes of transboundary basin authorities and advise their respective governments on the need to strengthen support for IWRM including effective collaboration in the process.

The Expert Workshop therefore intends to provide an overview of the actual management status of the young Volta Basin Authority and to take advantage of the experiences from the Okavango River Basin with concrete input from the expert scientists from EXCEED SSA networks in order to identify research needs to improve sustainability requirements in transboundary basin management. The workshop is also expected to come out with a draft of a research project to be finalized by the riparian scientists of the Volta basin.

The EXCEED SSA consists of scientists working in the field of sustainable water management. Together with the Volta Basin Authority, the Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission (OKACOM) and others experts from Africa, and from Germany, the expert workshop, will identify concrete research action for scientists in order to contribute to the implementation of the management strategy of the Volta Basin Authority.
The Workshop will consist of presentations and discussions on the actual management strategy for the Volta Basin, the need of research from the VBA and some input from the expert scientists followed by recommendations. All participants will have the opportunity to discuss/ present their experiences with the aim of identifying, together with the group, the most appropriate solutions and related research actions for improved management of transboundary river basins. This shall lead to the development of a suitable research project. The base of this project could be the previous SSA project on ‘’ Water pollution reduction: prevention and remediation strategies in Sub Saharan Africa’’.



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