Regional Workshop on Urban Water Management, Water Demand Management, Antalya

PLEASE NOTE:  The venue and event date have changed – The workshop will take place in Antalya,

May 16 – May 20, 2014 in Antalya, Turkey

Colleagues from Jordan are kindly asked to register for the workshop and to communicate their travel data. Colleagues from other ME countries, who have alreday registered, do not need to register again. 



Water scarcity is one of the main challenges for water managers in the Middle East where agriculture and domestic needs are the two main water consuming sectors. The most sustainable measure in combating water scarcity is the reducing the amount of unnecessary water usage. The problem of excessive water losses from drinking water distribution networks is common in many countries of the Middle East where the annual total water losses reach to more than 50% of total water supply. In addition almost 70% of the total available water in these countries is allocated for agricultural purposes where water losses due to inadequate irrigation techniques etc. are also very high. Increasing pressure caused by climate change and population will make the water allocation under the water demanding sectors more difficult in the near future. Reducing and controlling water losses by better management is becoming more crucial as demand increases in our region. The workshop aims to discuss the options for increasing the efficiency for both “urban water management” and “water demand management” in the ME region.

Workshop Organization

The workshop consists of expert’s presentation focusing on both themes. Group works will establish and initiate exchange of knowledge and experience between academics, officials and experts.

Target Audience

Water engineers and experts, technical and administrative personnel of water utilities and relevant ministries as well as academicians in partner countries of EXCEED in the Middle East region.

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited with 30.


The presentations will be held by leading professors from the partner universities as well as by experts from the governmental institutions.


The application is closed.

For futher information, please see the flyer: Flyer Draft Workshop Antalya May 2014

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