Regional Expert Workshop on Water Losses Management in Water Supply Systems, Antalya , Turkey, September 25 – 29, 2012


The problem of excessive water losses from drinking water distribution networks is common in many countries where the annual total water loss reaches around 50% of total water supply. Water losses can be either real (physical) or apparent (commercial) losses. Real losses are mainly due to leakage from joints in water pipes, service connections, pipe bursts, pipe cracks and overflows from storage tanks. Apparent losses are mainly due to illegal water consumption and inaccurate customer metering. Reducing and controlling water losses is becoming more crucial as demand increases in many parts of the world. Many water utilities have either developed, or are developing strategies to reduce losses. Reducing water losses save the energy required to abstract, transport, treat, and distribute water. Additionally, less
water losses reduces the expenses for water supply systems and contributes to sustainable water management.

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