CFA: Call for Applications as Research Fellow for Exceed Guest Chair Team

Within the Exceed Project an international research team has been established from April 2012 until March 2013 at TU Braunschweig. The team is chaired by the International Guest Professor, Prof. Clement Dorm-Adzobu from Ghana. Together, they conduct research on

“Adaption to Climate Change through the Optimal Use of Rainwater for Socio-Economic Transformation Processes in Coastal and Savannah Areas of Sub-Sahara Africa”

After returning to their home institutions the whole team will continue working for the completion of the started research topics and for building a sustainable network within the Exceed community.

The project deals with the management of water scarcity in the coastal and savannah areas of Sub-Sahara Africa and its impacts for human development. The project will analyze the local and regional institutional frameworks and consider the sustainable and effective water supply measures, while assessing the activities of policy makers, NGOs and stakeholders.

The proposed project aims at shedding an integrated perspective on the problems and prospects for the enhanced utilization of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) techniques in the Coastal and Savannah Zones of Sub-Sahara Africa by linking technical dimensions of the problem with socio-economic and gender issues, examined against the water policy framework. It also aims to suggest integrated strategies to address the problem of climate change/variability to ensure achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goal MDG No 7 in the area.

Prospective Master and Doctoral students and Postdoctoral research fellows are invited to submit research proposals for a six months period within the general subject of the guest professor. The remaining research period is scheduled for winter term 2012/2013 (October 01 – March 31).

The research submitted proposal should clearly give an insight into the study, objectives and scope of the work, methodology to be followed, activities to be undertaken, and the outcomes expected, including a brief outlook on further activities after returning to the home institutions of the applicants. A research supervisor from the respective institutions should be identified for co-supervision and guiding all the activities together with Prof. Dorm-Adzobu. The research proposal should be limited to five pages A4 or US Letter format and submitted with the approval and endorsement of the research co-supervisor at home.

Guidelines on framing specific study and research activity are provided in the following section.

For research fellows, scholarships for short term internships and transportation costs are available. The grants amount to

  • 750 Euro per month for Master Students
  • 1000 Euro per month for PhD Students and Post docs

Deadline for applications:

  • For winter term 2012/2013: May 31 July 30, 2012

Please apply under

For further information, please contact:

Jan Engelken, M.A.
Exceed – Sustainable Water Management in Developing Countries
TU Braunschweig
Leichtweiss Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
Beethovenstr. 51a
38106 Braunschweig
Phone: +49 – (0)531 – 391 3935

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