Two social sciences students from TU Braunschweig performed research stay at Mu’tah University Karak, Jordan

Karsten Breßler and Matthias Berthold, both students of the M.Sc. program “Organizational Cultures and Knowledge Transfer” at the Institute of Social Sciences at TU Braunschweig, recently returned from a research stay at Mu’tah University Karak, Jordan.
Breßler and Berthold worked on topics concerning the social and international relation’s aspects of water supply and scarcity in the country of Jordan. For this purpose they conducted several interviews with local political decision makers as well as with development aid specialists.
During their three months research stay within the Exceed Project they were supervised by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Oroud and supported by Prof. Dr. Mufeed Batarseh, head of the Exceed Satellite Center Middle East.

Here you can find their interim report.

From right to left: Karsten Breßler, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Oroud, Matthias Berthold

Prof. Dr. Mufeed Batarseh (middle) with Matthias Berthold, Karsten Breßler, and two members of the Prince Faisal Center

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