Regional Workshop, Istanbul, Turkey from June 28 – July 1 2011

Exceed partners and other researchers from the Middle East Region have been invited to join a Regional Workshop on “Water and Wastewater Quality in Istanbul, Turkey from June 28 – July 1 2011. The workshop was organized by Yildiz Technical University Environmental Engineering Department. The workshop program was supported by the Ministry of the Environment, Forestry and Urban Planning, and Istanbul Water and Wastewater Administration.

The workshop aimed at providing a scientific platform for participants coming from academic and industrial field, as well as NGOs, to exchange their knowledge, point of view and unique experiences related to waste and wastewater quality, especially in the developing countries.

The event addressed to Middle East M.A. and M.Sc. students, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and senior research scientists from Engineering and Natural Sciences-Departments having interest in water and wastewater quality in the developing countries.

In the first session, the experts from Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Urban Planning and Istanbul Water and Wastewater Administration gave information about the regulations and implementations in Turkey and EU for water, wastewater and watershed management including the case of Istanbul.

In the second session, watershed management subject were explicated extensively in project basis by the project partners.

In the third session, the effects of the toxic and hazardous substances for the environment were discussed by the experts who are the project partners.

In the fourth session, removal technologies of the toxic and hazardous from water and wastewater were discussed in detail. After the fourth session, two groups were allocated to discuss “management and legislations” and “science and technology” issues for the toxic and hazardous substances related with water and wastewater.

Please download the workshop program for more details.

View the Report (PDF).

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